Declan Kolakowski


Plunderphonic exhibit for 9 televisions and performer, first shown at BHH (June 2015).


Sound and design created for the National Maritime Museums exhibition "Visions of the Universe".

Music and Meditation

Project created for NMM foyer with performance and mass meditation for audience.

Hospital Club

Sound and design created for the Hospital Club's 10 year anniversary, in collaboration with Secret Cinema. Example installations here and here.


Interactive art experience created for Ludum Dare 31.  The game ranked 26th for innovation and in the top 100 for graphics out of 2637 entries. Gameplay video available here.

Heavenly Gate

Music for symphony orchestra, conducted by Gerry Cornelius, exploring the Tiananmen Square Tragedy. Score available here.

You can here a full selection of my music on my soundcloud.