Declan Kolakowski


I built this set of interactive sketches using processing and converted them to web compatible experiences using processing.js. I built a bullet hell game called Rosemary's artery. I as used java to create synchronized video playback software for a video installation I created called SELECTION. [Show code, video project]. My instagram also has a range of visual code experiments using java (as well frivolous selfies). [Create a personal account]. I also designed and programmed a fairly well received game called NoRNS for the Ludum Dare 32[?]


I built this stuff in javascript etc. etc.


I've created a number of games, mainly using the unity engine. However my first experiments were using .NET and XNA (when that was still a thing).


I've got a host of little projects and HTML proof of concepts on Codepen.


I built a word length prediction engine in php which optimizes using an SQL database to save syllabic patterns that it has already found.

Algorithmic Music

I've worked on a number of pieces that use code as their basis.