Declan Kolakowski

Momentum - Ultralab

Added on by Declan Kolakowski.

I just ran into this great little game on called Momentum by a developer called Ultralab I'd never heard of before (and apparently won't be hearing much more about as they have a very "enigmatic" online presence).

Momentum is essentially a take on the infinite runner in  which you fly through an endless generated geometric 3D space, gradually getting faster and faster as your "momentum" increases. You get extra points for near misses and you collect spinning red prisms and blue cubes which do stuff...

Mechanically it's not the most interesting. But it's pale mellow lighting and beautiful generative sound design (which has some really interesting glitched percussive effects) make it a quick and pleasurable experience. To be honest I completely ignored the points and just enjoyed traversing the space that had been created with the music backing it up, in a way the more gamey elements take away from it for me.

Try it out here.