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Nuggetathon /w Nicki for #0hgame

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If you haven't heard of the Zero Hour Game Jam ... well then, you've missed it... but it's a pretty interesting event. Between 0100 and 0100 British time you make a game that takes zero hours! There's something nice about seeing all that time you spent on your work get erased. Almost makes it feel like your life isn't slowly pouring away...

Anyway... I made a game for it called Nuggetathon With Nicki, predictably for me it's Nicki Minaj themed. However I didn't intend for that. I generated themes using the Ludum Dare theme generator embedded in the site and got:

  • One Letter
  • Döner Fressen
  • Anaconda

Which all worked to sort of inspire the game. If you're wondering what Döner Fressen is(?) I have no idea either, it seems be lots of fat german(?) people eating disgusting food, but google came up with this little number which inspired me no end. I like that he eats it so politely, he obviously went to some super actual finishing school around the Minsk.

It's the most traditionally gamey thing I've made in quite a while. Eat nuggets, Avoid hast-tags (ASCII), listen to Nicki Minaj (Anaconda). If I'd had time I would have liked to have a double speed move; double tap up to jump forward an extra space. Also I think the A$$ HILLS could have been improved.

Recently I have been thinking more and more about what I spend my time working on and jams like this help assuage some of the guilt about fixating on time. As we're going down that path I found this little bundle of joy last night. So if it's your Birthday. Happy Birthday. Otherwise, enjoy stressing about your own mortality...

EDIT: I think my game has been removed from the 0h game jam hub page for being offensive. I guess I win...     ;_;