Declan Kolakowski

Hello, I'm Declan Kolakowski. I am an artist, writer and musician based in London, UK.

I have worked on numerous interdisciplinary arts projects at the locus of technological, media and music. I have produced, designed and created sound for interactive exhibits at The Hospital Club (in collaboration with Secret Cinema), the National Maritime Museum and BHH, where I exhibited personally.

I have also composed and produced a large amount of music, often in combination with dance or film, from symphony orchestra to solo voice, with performances at venues such as The Museum of the City of New York and The Royal Festival Hall. Furthermore I have also designed and programmer numerous pieces of interactive software.

As a writer I have been employed by the Tete a Tete Opera Company to write libretto. I have been shortlisted for multiple poetry prizes and I have conducted original comparative literature research, firstly into (cyber)feminist theory and secondly into the relationship between black america and suburbia. I have also written articles for, several of which have been featured on the front page of the publication by the editorial staff.

You can find a full list of the various projects I have been involved in using the side bar.